iMessage For Android Device | Best iMessage Alternatives 2017

iMessage for Android: iMessage is one of the best instant messaging apps for your smartphone, but the main problem with this app is that you can only use this app on your iOS device. Which means you can only use this fantastic messaging app on your iPhone or iPad, not on your android phones or windows phone. Yes, I know not all are having iPhone or iPad this day as if you research in the market you will find that maximum people are buying an Android smartphone than iOS phones. Because Android smartphone has much better facility than iOS phone according to their price.

So Android users you don’t need to be sad that you cannot enjoy all the features that iMessage is having on your phone. As there are many other alternatives apps of iMessage which is just available for all types of phones and also have each and every features that iMessage is having in it. So do you want to know the name of the apps that is the alternatives of iMessage?

iMessage For Android Smartphone | iMessage Alternatives 2017:


This is what I am going to tell you in this content, and I am going to tell you about the top best iMessage alternatives for Android phones. There are many alternatives of iMessage in the app market, but there are only few which are the best that I am going to tell you on the list that I have given below. So let’s not waste more time here, talking about the iMessage app and just look upon the alternatives of this app.

Top 4 Apps Like iMessage for Android Smartphone:

1. WhatsApp


Here in the first number comes the WhatsApp app, now I guess you may be shocked seeing WhatsApp name in the first number. WhatsApp is in front because whatever features iMessage is having, each and every feature is included in the WhatsApp app too. You may be thinking that I am wrong, telling WhatsApp have copied the other concept, but actually, this is what the actual truth is. You can see there are a maximum number of the features of WhatsApp that is matching with the iMessage features like group chat features, features of sending pictures, music and videos and many other.

But the good news is that in WhatsApp you can get some extra features like calling and voice chatting. So Android users this is the first alternative app of iMessage that you can download and install for free on your Android device.

2. Google Hangouts


Yes, Google Hangouts is also one of the alternatives of the best instant messaging app that is iMessage app. Google Hangouts app is an alternative app of iMessage because the user interface of this app is slightly same and the functions are just like the iMessage app. If you look towards the features of both the app, then you can see that not all but most of the app are similar just like the iMessage messaging app. But I must say for all the Android users that you will not get any better instant messaging app other than Google Hangouts. Though this is an alternative app of iMessage, it has been developed very well.

3. Viber


Viber is very rarely used by the people nowadays as the other messaging have overtaken this app like Hike, Whatsapp, and many others. Viber is also an alternative app too iMessage both in features and interface, and there are many features of iMessage that are similar with the features of Viber, and those are like group chats, sending of files, tracking your text if delivered or not and many other features are similar. So this is also one of the best iMessage apps that you can download and install on your android device from Google Play store easily.

4. Facebook Messenger App


Yes, Facebook now owns Whatsapp, but yet Facebook Messenger app and Whatsapp is totally different app. But you will feel good to know that this Facebook Messenger and iMessage is having almost the same features. So you can also tell that Facebook Messenger is also one of the best alternative apps to iMessage that you can download and install on your Android smartphones.

iMessage For Android – Conclusion:

So here it is, I have listed all the top four best alternative apps to iMessage for all the Android phones that you can download and install now from Google Play store. I hope this all app that I have shortlisted will also give you the same experience that you get using iMessage. For more info on iMessage app, you can keep visiting our site regularly.

Download iMessage For Windows 7/8/10 PC Laptop Computer

iMessage for PC: iMessage app is one of the most popular and trending apps for all the iOS users. But Now you can use iMessage for Windows PC, simply by installing an emulator on your Windows PC. Today I will guide you through this article and show you the exact step by step method on how to download and install the iMessage app on Windows PC and also discuss their functions and features.

You may know about iMessage app it is one of the most popular messaging apps which comes preinstalled on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPods, and Mac. This messaging service has used by millions of people around the world and even replaced the system of the standard way of messaging among the iOS users.

iMessage for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/10 Free Download:


So, what are the reasons behind it? The reason is simple and straight forward, because of its features and user-friendly functions. So, let’s discuss its features and function more briefly below.

Features of iMessage App:

Advantages of using iMessage are limitless; you will surely forget to use the conventional messaging service after using this service once.

  • This text messaging service offers you to send an unlimited number of text messages to anybody.
  • Send text messages in a very simple and fastest way.
  • Without paying any monthly fees now, you can send unlimited text messages with the iMessage app, which is absolutely free messaging service.
  • Not only this with this app now you can share videos, photos, mp3, and many more files without any sending charges, whenever you want wherever you want.
  • One of the useful and interesting features is that it indicates whether the person is typing or not.
  • The most interesting and amazing feature is it shows whether your message has been delivered or not, also if your message has been read by the recipient it will indicate you.
  • Attractive and beautiful interface easy to use and perfectly catches the people’s eye.

Steps to Download iMessage for PC Laptop Windows:

iMessage is only available for the Apple devices. However, you can also use it on your Windows PC. For using the iMessage app PC, you’ll need emulator software to run the app in your Windows operating system.

There are varieties of uncountable emulators available; you can get any one of them for this purpose. But I have chosen the iPedian emulator for this purpose, the most reliable and popular software used by millions of people. Check the following instructions:

  • At first, you’ll need to download the iPedian emulator from their official website.
  • And then install the emulator on your Windows PC or laptop.
  • Complete installing the emulator. Now open the emulator on your desktop you’ll see that your desktop screen will show a dock at the bottom. All of the desktop icons will look similar to Mac.
  • After that, you’ll need to search for iMessage in the search option. Once it is done, select the iMessage app from the list and download it. The application will automatically get installed on your device once the download complete.
  • Now again open the ipedian emulator and open the iMessage app from the app drawer and start texting, chatting sharing videos effortlessly.

imessage images

There is also another way to use iMessege service in your PC. If you have an iPhone or any other iOS devices you can easily access iMessage with your PC. But you can only use it if your iOS devices are jailbroken. You’ll need to jailbreak your iOS device if you want to use the iMessage on your PC. If you already jailbreak your device, then you can follow the steps I have given below for using iMessage on Windows PC.

#Step No.1

First of all, download the Cydia application on your device and install it. Cydia is an application by which application are downloaded for jailbreak devices.

#Step No.2

After that open the Cydia app and search for the Remote message application. This application is used to push messages to the other devices from your iPhone. It uses the remote connection to do that. You may need to spend a little amount of money in order to get the application.

#Step No.3

Download and Remote message app and install it.

#Step No.4

Once done, open the app and go to the setting menu there you will see a toggle button click on that button and enabled it. After that, you have to create a remote connection by putting username and password on the blank fields given there.

#Step No.5

After creating your remote connection, open a web browser from within your Windows PC, copy the IP address shown in the remote message setting to your Web browser after that put your username and passwords to the given fields. In this way, you can connect your iPhone and PC.

In this way, you can use iMessage app from your Windows computer. It is very easy to use iMessage on PCs, well if you still have any doubt about this article please comment us and share your thought with us about it, I will highly appreciate it, Thank you for reading the article.

FaceTime For PC Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS Download

FaceTime For PC: FaceTime App is an excellent video chat application which is being used by most of the iPhone users. This video chat application being developed by Apple has an easy process to deal with; also it can use for Windows PC and availed with some of the excellent features within it.

FaceTime let its users make a video call with their parents, friends and any of the contacts of their devices within a less amount as it is only 99 cents. So if you are among the users of iOS devices, who enjoy making a video call using FaceTime app and like to have this video calling app within your PC, then you don’t need to worry as this video calling app can be used for your PC.

Download FaceTime For PC Windows 7/8/10 Mac OS:


Here within this article, I would like to share you more about FaceTime app for Windows and PC.

Facetime App Features:

  • You can achieve stunning audio quality which is much pleasing than the quality of the call.
  • The video quality of this app is extremely high which support the HD Videos; also it does not bring any kind of destruction when making a video call.
  • This video calling app provides a mute option which allows the users to make a mute call which in term will able to see you whereas it is not able to hear your voice.
  • When you are not in the mood to talk, in such kind of situation you can block the face time calls, as this app allows you to block the video call in such kind of situation.
  • It lets its users make video calls in an excellent way, where they can see the face of their relatives, friends and others contacts of their devices in just a simple manner.
  • There is no doubt on the security of this app as this app is totally a secure app to go for making videos call.
  • It has an easy process to go with and is a friendly interference app.

So as you have come through the features of FaceTime Online, now it’s a time for you to view on the requirement of having this app for Windows PC:

facetime for windows pc

  • You would require Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Make sure that you have 2 GB RAM on your Windows PC.
  • You would also require 1Ghz
  • Web Cam is another require need to have this app for your PC.
  • Use headset or microphone to have this app on your PC.
  • As well as internet connection will be required to have this FaceTime app for your PC.

Steps to Download FaceTime for PC Laptop Windows 7, 8.1, 10:

  • Firstly for downloading FaceTime app for PC, you would require downloading an emulator for android which is named after Bluestacks for your Windows PC.
  • As BlueStacks has been downloaded install it for your PC.
  • As it has been installed, setup the Account of your Gmail with Bluestacks.
  • If you are using Android devices which are already linked with your Gmail ID, subsequently you would require clicking on the existing button where you will setup Bluestacks by adding your Gmail ID and password.
  • IF you are using Android and Bluestacks for the first time, then just connect to the Gmail account using Bluestacks by clicking on the option new.
  • Since Bluestacks is set up totally, you can go for downloading FaceTime for your Windows PC.
  •  Now download FaceTime APK from the given link.
  • Previously as you have downloaded FaceTime APK, Open the file which will automatically open within the Bluestacks.
  • At this point of time, FaceTime will start installing from your Bluestacks automatically.
  • Once faceTime is being installed, go through the screen of your Windows PC for bringing this app to use. That it.


So are you among the lovers of this video chatting and calling app, who likes to have for your PC Windows to enjoy its features within a big screen, then go for downloading this particular video chatting app for your Windows PC, as the steps for downloading and installing it for your PC is written within the article. This Video calling app is really among one of the best video calling app that you can ever go with your Windows PC for chatting and making Videos calls since each and every feature of this app are just amazing.

How to Download iMessage For Mac OS Sierra? – Full Setup Guide!

iMessage For Mac OS: iMessage is the most famous and the best instant messaging app that you can have your personal device because this app has many features that the another messaging app is not having at all. If you are using iPhone or iPad then it will be very easy for you to download and install the iMessage app on your phone, just by going to the app store and then searching for iMessage app and then downloading the app on your phone. As simple as it is, but what if you are to download and install and use the iMessage app on your Mac PC. Yes, do you know how you can download and install the iMessage on Mac PC and the text with your mate just like the way you do on your iPhone or iPad?

Do you have any idea about how to do, for installing iMessage on your Mac PC itself? Here in this article, I will especially tell you about how to download and install the best instant messaging app that is the iMessage app on your Mac PC.

How to Download iMessage For Mac OS Sierra?

imessage for mac

So are you all prepared to note down all the steps that you will need to remember in the procedure because here I am also going to tell you about how to set up iMessage on your PC correctly?

Attractive Features of  iMessage:

But before you try to know anything it is always important that you know each and every feature of iMessage app. So here below I am going to give you all the features of iMessage in brief.

  1. The app is very user-friendly as the interface of the app is very easy, and you will be abe to play with the functions even though if you are a beginner, using it for the first time.
  2. You will get some extra features which are first brought up by iMessage in the market, and the features are sharing of pictures, videos, music with your friend to share your memories and make your conversation more interesting.
  3. Chatting with multiple numbers of people at one time in the same topic is very difficult. So it is always good that you create a group chat with all your mates so that you can discuss in any topic altogether.
  4. The speed of the app is just WOW, and this is the reason why this is one of the best instant messaging apps that you can ever have on your phone. Yes, your data charges will be normal as there are no extra charges on anything.
  5. You can also track your message now and see if the one to whom you have sent a message have seen it or not, which means you will now not need to sit idle at home and wonder if he/she have got or seen the message or not or when will they reply you.
  6. Only one thing you need to care about and that is if you are to chat with any of your mate you need to make sure that your mate also has the app on the device like the way you are having otherwise you cannot have chats through this app.

So this is all the features of the best instant messaging app that are iMessage app. Now let’s know how to download and install this iMessage For Mac.

Steps to Download and Install iMessage on Mac PC:

The steps are very simple, so here we go with the steps.

  1. As you have Apple PC, you will not need to download any emulator. So just visit the app store from the PC.
  2. Now tap on the search bar and then search for iMessage app in the app store.
  3. You will see many results, now pick the genuine one and then click on the INSTALL button.
  4. After you click on the INSTALL button, you will need to wait for some time till it gets successfully installed on your Mac PC.

This is all you need to do for downloading and installing an iMessage app for your Mac PC, but this is not over as now you will need to setup with the app so that it work well in the long run. So here below I will be telling you some steps to set up the app easily.

imessage for mac pc

How to Setup iMessage App?

For setting up the iMessage app on your Mac PC, you will just need to follow some of the necessary steps that I have given here below in points.

  1. First of all to setup purpose you will need to open or launch the app on your Mac PC. So just click on the icon and then initiate the app on your Mac PC.
  2. Now the app will ask you to give your Apple ID with which you are signed in. So just sign in with your Apple ID, and that’s it. Now you can start messaging your mate limitlessly through your iMessage for PC itself.

So this is all you are going to do isn’t the steps so easy, even the download and installing steps are so easy. According to me, I hope you will not have any problem on installing the iMessage For Mac, but if you have any, then you can have your problems solved below in the comment box.

iMessage Not Working? – How to Activate iMessage on iPhone or iOS 10.2?

iMessage Not Working: It is noticed that some of the iOS device users faced a problem on the system of iMessage, where the iMessage miss off to work for them, and they are not able to send messages and receive others text messages through their ios devices.  Dear readers if you are among them facing the problems on using iMessage within your ios then you must go through this article since I would help you out of this trouble. Or problem faced by you by letting you know how to fix it to bring the ios messaging app in action. So let me explain to you how to fix it when iMessage is not working for your ios devices.

iMessage Not Working | How to Activate iMessage on iPhone or iOS?


Here are the steps which you can follow if you cannot send messages and receive on your ios device. Go for these steps at the first point of time.

  • Remember to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest version of iOS.
  • Also, do check for the carrier setting if you are using iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi cellular).
  • It is much require checking the network connection of your iOS devices since to send message or MMS you require a cellular data or else Wi-Fi connection.
  • Do check with your career the kind of messages is supported or not which you are trying to send.
  • If you are about to send grouping MMS messages using your iPhone then on the MMS messaging. If you are unable to observe the option for turning it on then just for consulting your carrier.
  • The main thing you should remember before sending iMessage is you should enter the accurate cell number or an accurate email address for the person whom you are sending too.


If you are not done by this steps and still stuck on the same problem, then you must go through the below-written steps, as the below written can help you to get out of your problem.

What to do when you observe an alert which asked you to wait for the activation for iMessage?

AS you observe such kind of alert on your iOS device firstly be clear that the time and date set on your device are right, whereas if the time and date are incorrect then set it in the correct manner then start following the below steps.

  1. Set off to the setting > Messages
  2. Now turn off the iMessage.
  3. At this point it will not be hard for you to on iMessage aging on your iOS device, so on it.

Therefore if iMessage is still showing the same alert, then I would better suggest you contact the Apple developers for better information.What can you do to get the solution of the problem, when you observe a red exclamation point ?

imessage for android

If your iMessage is not sent instead it shows you an alert of not delivered then you can follow the steps given below:

  1. For this problem firstly tap on the shown red exclamation point and just tap on the option given try again.
  2. If the messages of your still not sent then tap on the option, send as text message.
  3. These steps may work but if still not then I will request you contact your carrier as they can give you the better suggestions.

These are some of the steps which you can try to fix iMessage when it is not working, as a maximum of the period these steps written within the article help out to get out of this messaging problem of iOS devices. So if you are among the iOS device users facing a problem on sending and receiving the iMessage on your device, then you should obtusely try the written method and steps within this article, as they might help you get out of your unwanted problem. If the written steps and method to fix the iMessage is not enough for you to get out of the problem then you should deal and contact with the apple developer, as it is the better idea to get out of your problem.

Can you do us a favor by sharing this article on you social networking sites so that we can reach more people and help them to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.